Our Vision and Values

With God, with each other and with our communities.

Our Vision for our Churches is drawn from a desire to share God’s love with those we come into contact with. It reflects the need to be in relationship with God, but also with one another. We believe it is only through our relationships that we grow to maturity as individuals, as community and as God’s people. This Vision is reflected in our Core Values. These Values reveal what and who we strive to be and are at the heart of each church. They should be seen in all we seek to do and be lived out by our members.

TRUSTING - in God and in each other.
We engage with God in the spirit of absolute trust. This is most obvious in our worship, and the way we choose to live our lives.

CARING - for God’s creation and one another.
We engage with, and care for, Creation and each other asa community of believers.

SHARING - God’s love for us in our Church and our communities.

We engage with each other and the world at both a local level and globally revealing, that we are here to have a positive impact on the world.