June 2019

…to keep your balance, you must keep moving.  So said Albert Einstein, clever man whom you may have heard of.  At the time of writing this article life (well, for this vicar at least) seems to be something of a Roller Coaster.  The ‘Ups’ include one son starting a new career, a Pilgrimage staying overnight at All Saints Church, Hollingbourne on their way to Canterbury.  The unification of Detling with Thurnham, creating a new parish and a new ‘Church Family’ who can look forward together to creating a new relationship with their communities.  Not forgetting of course, Bishop Trevor (in his final few days) attending St John’s School to bless not just the new Sacred Space for use by those who need time to simply ‘be’ but also the new Prayer Tree for use by pupils and staff alike. 

Sanctuary Sign

Tree Cross      Prayer Tree

The ‘Downs’ are normally more generalised.  The usual moans of not enough time to do everything  Of Administration taking priority over everything else.  But on this occasion, they include the damage caused to St Mary’s and All Saints in Boxley following theft of lead from the roof.   

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These incidents, plus Albert’s ‘one-liner,' remind me Jesus told us to live life to the full.  To forget the cares of tomorrow and live for the day.  Jesus is the model I strive to follow, and it strikes me he was basically a rather happy fellow, who’d observed the birds wheeling around and the beauty of the earth.  I think Jesus figured out something we still haven’t quite grasped, and that is the goodness of the Father, the creator of the world.  Rather than focussing on the negative, or anxiously looking ahead and trying to second guess what’s coming next, we should be focussing on God as our priority.  This is not some distant, unloving, God, allowing bad things to happen to good people.  This is the God who has filled the world with wonderful and mysterious things, full of beauty and energy and excitement.  Of course I understand bad things happen…often to good people…and reconciling that is often hard for all concerned…but we live in a world where we have freewill to do good or bad, to lift others up, or cast them down…and that’s between us and God on that final day.


How we live is a personal choice.  I’ve made many mistakes my life, yet God was able to use my choices to make good from bad.  Not by direct intervention, but through the opportunities he presented me, time and again, until I finally got the message.  I thank Him for His patience.  Sometimes, living without worry seems as impossible as living without breathing.  So many of us are so hooked on worry that we worry about it when we don’t have anything to worry about.  Perhaps we should simply follow Jesus’ example of joy instead.


May June bring each one of us the peace of Christ that lies deep within our hearts. And may we share that peace with one another.   Rev Paul